PowerShell Script to Automatically Deprovision Users (Version 2)

With some process changes we are working on I have updated my PowerShell script to Automatically Deprovision users to include the deletion of any defined user profiles which include any .V2 profiles as well. This change is moved to version 2 of the script. What has changed? Few lines have changed but this helps show what someone else can do with the script to help fit their needs. The reason I'm doing this which you'll find in a newer post is … [Read more...]

Apple iPad / iPhone stops syncing calendar events to Exchange Server

With the recent release of iOS 7.x.x my company started to receive many phone calls about how their iPad or iPhone is no longer syncing new calendar items to their Exchange account. It felt as if everyone was pointing fingers at the Exchange server but clearly it was the iOS upgrade that caused the issue. Diving more into the issue which forced me into finally turning on my iPad2 after two months and perform the upgrade to iOS 7.0.3 quickly lead … [Read more...]

Restart Windows Service on failure using PowerShell script

Have you ever ran into a situation where you need a quick fix for an issue that is not all that serious but you still want to make sure it doesn't escalate? A while back I ran into this type of issue with the Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Processing Service (MSCRMAsyncService) where it keeps failing for one reason or another. Originally we setup our alerting system to just restart the service and alert us; this would however create a … [Read more...]

Outlook 2010 Out of memory errors, messages stuck in outbox, new profile doesn’t sync properly, freezes when new message arrives

It's a huge title I admit but this problem has been plaguing me ever since I decided to rebuild my MAPI profile. My problem was simply that every time I received a new message in Outlook 2010 it would freeze up for about 5 seconds. If I attempted to redo the profile again the new sync of my inbox would normally stop within a minute and never complete, leaving Outlook 2010 frozen to where I would have to terminate it and try again. I thought it … [Read more...]

Barracuda Networks Spamfilter Whitelist Issue

We recently updated our Barracuda Spamfilters to one of the latest firmwares available and started to experience an issue with the IP whitelists we had set up. What I noticed is that our MTA used for mass mailing started to go into a back off mode to some of the internal domains we support. Normally this doesn't happen because we are not only whitelisted but also exempted from rate controls on the Barracuda spamfilter. At the customers level they … [Read more...]